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Bleach 496 Summary

*Bleach 496* '' Kill The Shadow '' Summary:

Hidetomo and his squad from the 13th Division confront a Quincy invader and things are not going to end well for the shinigamis.

Meanwhile, Byakuya cuts up the spike mouth Quincy's hand and then sends the luchador crashing through the ground with some sort of trap. Despite knowing that the Quincies have some sort of power to neutralize bankais, Byakuya along with Hitsugaya, Sui-feng and Komamura activate their bankais. The Stern Ritters they face then promptly activate their special badges to rip away the bankais, and Byakuya realizes that the Quincies are stealing their bankais.

The attack works. Captain, you are good.

So that’s why they need two man.

Each Captain decide to sacrifice themselves to find the reason how they vanish their bankai.




What happen????

They stole bankai from the captain. That’s why their bankai vanish.

Bleach 497 will be released next week.

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