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Bleach 498 the questions
The question I have in the bleach 498 and will kubo tell us some plots in bleach 499? Quite wonder…

I would rather it be due to the hollow nature that his bankai can’t be sealed rather than his beastly reiatsu. It would also leave room for the Vaizard captains to step up and at least hold some of the stern ritters up if that was the case. Also might suggest that the espadas release will work, although there’s only Nel/Harribel if she gets free and if and when Grimmjow shows up that could make a difference. That would make things more interesting in my opinion rather than only having people with god reiatsu that can fight evenly.

I am wondering if Ichigo will really go now. Didn't he come to help Nel and the other arrancars? Will he leave before one mission is over?

Also there is something more in this chapter I can hope, Ichigo is god in the soul society so he will save them from the hell.

looking forward the next chapter, bleach 499 .

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