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Bleach 499 prediction
Bleach 499 prediction. Kubo could have used less time with the talk between Akon and Urahara. Prior to this chapter, what the heck was Urahara troubled by, anyway? Maybe that'll be revealed in the climax of the arc. If anything, I'm more interested in the vocabulary that Opie used: Blut Vene and Blut Arteriae, moreso above the other things combined.

Things are getting so interesting, every chapter is a blast, kubo should keep this up till the end.
Contents between Page 1-9 could have been shown in just about 2-3 pages, they were not fight scenes, no need to show so much detail.
So stealing the bankai is called 'medalizing the bankai', 'Blut Vene' may be something like sensing ability combined with speed(reaction/movement), 'Blut Arteriae' maybe something like reitasu enhanced attacks, so many new vocabulary in one chap. Ichigo is really beast, i have forgotten that for a long time.

In regard to the chapter, very action-packed and suspenseful. I liked how Ichigo intercepted kirge and his arrows with his speed just like byakuya back in the SS arc and kirge freaking out over it lol. I also liked the humor between Urahara and Akon lol. Urahara taking down kirge was awesome as well, although it gives off bad vibes when he observes behind the scenes like that lol. Very Aizenish. I know he knows more than he's letting on. He always does lol. My guess about Ichigo's bankai not being able to be absorbed would be that his reiatsu is far too high since its twice that of most of the captains like aizen's or that it jynxes the badge due to him possibly still having his inner hollow, whether its still fused to zangetsu or not....oh man i just got a killer idea hehehe...if what i said is true and its ichigo's inner hollow thats keeping the badge from absorbing bankai, then if the gotei were to be hollowfied or if the visoreds fought them, it could be the same result /

look forward to the bleach 499

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