Bleach with Grimmjow
Bleach with Grimmjow.

Bleach 501will be come soon.

Is Grimmjow finally making his appearance? Kubo's been teasing us ever since it was confirmed he was still hanging around wherever. Don't see why Isshin would raise his blade Urahara's face like that if it were him, so it isn't him.

Grimmjow is definitely probably more popular to see make a return, but my guess would also be with Halibel. Maybe she's broken free somehow. And remember: No matter how much more popular, Harribel outranked Grimmjow, which implies that she is considerably stronger. I can't imagine anyone else left of the espada who could one-shot Opie like that.
Also: does his death end his "Jail" technique? Also also: Do all of the other letters we have seen so far refer not to their power level (thankfully), but to their special technique/ability? If so, what the hell is S? And F? And so forth…

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