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Doflamingo in one piece
One Piece 673, we got the information that Virgo is a Vice Admiral, though corrupt, and shares the same station as Smoker.

hope they can make the things turn to better.
Slime actually ate a Devil Fruit: Sara Sara Fruit - Model Axolotl.
Virgo was a pirate once and on top of that in the same crew with Law.
Their Captain was non other than Joker, a.k.a. Donquixote Doflamingo.

Also, from the details, Doflamingo woah this is getting interesting!

Though the first panels were a waste the end was stunning.
Doflamingo sure seems to be a top tier if someone strong like Vergol is his subordinate.
It Seems like Zoro´s group will be the key to rescue them out of there. What will happen to Usopp and Nami?

Hope chopper can do the things better and get the medichine to help that kids, they are so sad….

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