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Fairy tail 280 prediction
About fairy tail 279 discussion and fairy tail 280 prediction.

In fairy tail 279, Seriously, I think Lucy's actually gonna die this time. She's gonna be used as a sacrifice to open a gate to another dimension and I don't know how FT can do anything about it. I don't see how Natsu can pull another miracle out of his ass. (sorry for da crude language). I don't want her to die, but it's inevitable. Even Porlyusica is worried, and ordinarily she's a cold-hearted beotch (she's still awesome though). And remember a few chapters back where Levy was writing to "My beloved Lucy Heartfilia"? It sounds like when Lucy wrote her letters to her dead mother, so I'm just gonna assume Lucy's gonna die. I bet Natsu's gonna cry like a baby if she dies… I think Lucy probably is the strongest Celestial Spirit Mage in Fiore/the world, so Arcadios definitely wants the best to do the dirty work. I was wondering how they'd make her do the Eclipse thing… Threatening the lives of everyone in the FT guild? All her beloved friends? I wish Mashima-sama made NaLu cannon before anyone (probably Lucy) dies. *sigh* NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia, Jerza, FreedxMira, ElfGreen… Gotta love da FT pairings!

hope to read more about fairy tail manga, fairy tail chapter 280.

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