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Kabuto Yakushi in naruto
Naruto 584 will be released this week on Wednesday.

Kabuto Yakushi In Naruto Manga.

Who can remember me and who I can remember? It’s a question. Who can give me an answer?

I did not remember my name since the third ninjas’ war, because at that time, I lost my memories and my familiar, while at that time I also get my new family in the church. Under the guidance of the mom, I got my new name, and my best warm familiar.

Now I am kabuto Yakushi.

I know I am kabuto Yakushi in the eight years, even when I am a spy in the outside.

The three years in the church, the five years in the outside as a spy, I always remember who I am, what I will do and the will of mine.

But who break my will? I remember, it was mom, it was orochimaru, and it was the leaf village.

All I can remember was just the hatred. Maybe in all of my life, I just wanna get know who I am, I want to know my real meaning to live in the world.

Who can answer my question?

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