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Naruto 589 Discussion
Naruto 589 Discussion_Read Naruto 589 Online_Naruto 590 Prediction will be come.

Naruto 589 Discussion here, discuss your thoughts here if you like* naruto manga*.

In naruto 589,madara release susanno –perfect form .The five Kage look on in shock as Madara unleashes his Susanoo. The susanoo just Brandished the knife and the mountain was cut to half.the five kage looks despairing .onoki questions why he can escape from madara in the past ,madara says he just regard him as a child. When the kages ready to face the madara and fight with him Desperately,the itachi release edo tensei .and or the dead people ready to disappear .but is madara disappeared ,too ?we still don’t know .i think so strong is him and he will not disappear so easily .sasuke uses this time to sated his resolve to itachi and that he will destroy the willage because of what it did to him before bidding farewell to itachi ,sasuke is Stubborn,I’m very worry him .naruto is fighting with tobi and he is seems not good .but I believe he can win .itachi finally save the leaf again .he is the man contributed all his life to leaf village .how great is him.

Madara is strong .and tobi is a horrible enemy ,too .naruto want to defeat tobi will pay much effort .and what future will sasuke face? What is Kabuto’s ending ?these we all still don’t know .look forward to next chapter .

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