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Naruto 590 Prediction
What will happen in naruto 590 chapter?

As we all know in naruto 589, Itachi got the release of the earth jutsu, it seems he will be disappear, and see his last action, he seems want to point his little brother, sasuke's forehead in order to say goodbye to him, and also express his love to his littler brother.

As we all see, this jutsu seems real because of those dead people are gradually disappear. I am wonder, does Madara will also disappear? He is also a dead people who is recoverd by Kabuto and Tobi.

But there is no sign in naruto 589 chapter. If will, the five kages will have a big oppountity to defeat madara.

Also, there is another question wonder me… Do you think the five kages...will somebody die?

who and tell me your question.

Ok, I bet Tsuchikage is in dagerous, Because Madara think he is the spirit of the five kages, so kill him will break five kages' spirit…

Create by manga on 2012-06-12 08:18:26.0
Last updated by manga on 2012-06-12 08:18:26.0