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Naruto 593 analysis
It was that easy, eh? Well, I guess Juugo’s ability made it easy. It’s not as if you could’ve touched some part of Oro to the cursed seal right? Nice to see orochimaru still wants Sasuke’s body. naruto 594 raw spoilers or when naruto 594 English scans is out. I wonder if this Oro will be any stronger or is he the same. Suigetsu made it seem like Oro is still stronger than Sasuke. I can’t beleive that though. I think Sasuke is strong enough that he doesn’t have to fear Oro much anymore. It’s still cool to see Oro back, though. Also, it seems Oro and ‘the man who knows everything’ are two separate people. I wonder who they’re talking about. Also, what of kabuto? He’s still in Izanami. At first, I thought he was woken up, but his eyes were already open from when Itachi used genjutsu on him to undo ET. What will happen to him? It seems he will be left there after all. I’m surprised Oro didn’t seem a bit more impressed or intrigued by what Kabuto was doing. Kabuto will still have his own powers, though which is cool. He should be plenty strong. I still think he will do some good. Or maybe Orochimaru will decide to make him his vessel after all. i hope not, though.

Naruto 593 Anaysis here and Naruto 594 will be come next week.

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