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One Piece 661 spoilers
One Piece 661 spoilers!!! * One Piece 661 Predictions and Discussions !!! ** **One Piece 660** * has been released now!!!

*One Piece 661 *Spoilers Summaries:

the artical is came from mangahere, the manga spoilers.


湖の中には鮫 襲われるゾロ

陸に上がったルフィ達 濡れて凍えて寒すぎるので敵の服を奪おうと企む


七武海が政府の人間に攻撃するのは協定違反で本部にチクってやると海兵達が脅すもデンデンムシ等ローに取ら れた。
ロー『お前らがこの島で見た物すべて 本部にも政府にも報告はさせねぇ』




Magellan on the cover page

Luffy and the gang have their boat sunk by a bazooka that hits the water’s surface
There’s a shark in the lake. Zoro is attacked.
The man called Boss is a crocodile centaur.

Brook appears and freezes the guns of the Boss and his group
Having emerged just fine, but still freezing and wet, Luffy schemes to steal the enemies’ clothes.
The Boss is scared upon realizing who he’s facing.

Law creates an objet d’art by sticking the Marine ship to the island
He faces Sanji’s group (Sanji says “There’s no way we’re gonna run!”) and attacks with his power
The hearts of the four pop out and they essentially switch identities.
Sanji is in Nami’s body.
Chopper is in Sanji’s body.
Nami is in Franky’s body.
Franky is in Chopper’s body.

The Marines threaten to tattle on Law for breaking the don’t-attack-the-government pact (part of being a Shichibukai), so he snatches up their Denden Mushis
Law: “I won’t allow you to report to the government or to headquarters all that you’ve seen here.”
Law has the Ope Ope no Mi (Operation Operation Fruit)- he’s a Free-mod Human. He confronts Smoker.

Tashigi moves to attack but it also cut down. Her haki wasn’t enough (?)

Other bits: Tashigi is cut in two; cover is Hannyabal, the new warden, having Magellan’s appearance, standing with Domino.

*One Piece 661 *will be released this week.

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