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One Piece 665 will be out next week
One Piece 665 will be released next week.
1, white beard, Roger
Roger got the one Piece, strength is number 1, after Roger died the white beard was known as the world's strongest man.
2, Garp
Garp repeatedly to let Roge renter into impasse, when the akainu killed ace , garp raged, Worn Warring to stop himself, or else he will kill akainu.
3, Shanks
One of the four imperial ,when akainu to kill the hands of the white beard, he blocked it.
4, Rayleigh,
fight with Kprusoian ,regardless of the outcome, certainly he is strong, but now old
5, Warring
send The Golden Lions to jail, a move almost destroy Blackbeard group.
6, the three army general of Navy
Department of natural fruit, basically have the power to spike the luffy group two years ago.

One Piece 665 will be released next week.

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