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One Piece Zoro and The Sumari
I am quite wonder will Zoro gets one sword from the sumari...^_^

The Samurai seems to be a two sword style user and is a formidable sword fighter who can use fire techniques (as opposed to Brook's ice techniques). Everything seems to point towards Kinemon joining the crew, Personally I don't want him to join, we have enough sword fighters already and I don't like this character, but he's sticking around with the Straw Hats dangerously long already.,But I would say zoro would choose wind it would be perfect to fight mihawk since his attacks could be cut through and alot of his sig attacks have some kind of wind effect like pound cannon and whirlwind.

But I have to say, his power is quite useful in this place, I am wonder if Ace still alive, will he can have a fight with ace? that will be more interesting.

This chapter confirms it, kinemon is the next nakama. He's got magic, he has got cool(or hot) sword skills, and he is getting so many screen time, welcome to the crew, kinemon. And the mysterious guy is a let down though, he doesn't look epic, at least not to me. And the level of haki is getting crazy, even the dark king couldn't knock out law and magneto and their first-mates, but now even people like robin and franky are getting owned by CH. if that really was CH, things are going to be completely crazy from now on.

but he said he could cut through fire and that's why he is called fire fox so is the samurai style going to turn into one of those elemental power things where you can learn to cut with and through one of the elements if so using the basic naruto elemental chart what would zoro get/choose.


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