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Quotes from One Piece
Did you remember those quote from one piece? here is some quote i will show to you.

Cr : What I stole money !, love !, trust !, rain ! I stole a lot of things !
WB : Weak you say. Gimme a break. I am only one man with one heart, call me a demon a monster, is it enough to save one life for the future ?

Roughly quoting Luffy against Arlong.
Luffy: I can't use swords, I can't naviagte, I can't cook, and I've never lied to anyone (Ussop). I'm pretty sure if no one helped me I wouldn't survive.
Arlong: Blah blah. What can you do then?
Luffy: I can defeat you.
Sums up the entire role of a Captain in OP to me. Having to be able to face any threat to the crew no matter what and take it out singlehandedly.

Doflamingos "justice will prevail" speech. That was probably the most memorable serious one.

  • Most memorable and also funny is:*

Luffy: I got it! Look Chopper it’s Atlas.
Chopper: Atlas?
Luffy: That’s right! Atlas and Hercules are admired by people all over the world!
Chopper: kabuto beetles?
Chopper: One Piece or that, which is cooler?
Luffy: Ahhh…that’s to hard!
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