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Theory on Uchiha eyes
So I was pondering why Madara's brother (Izuna) aloud him to simply take his eyes. Could it be that the Uchiha figured out that the brother's could just simply swap eyes and both have EMS? even though Madara was blind (or very close to it don't remember) does that mean his eyes were too bad for transplant to Izuna for Izuna to have EMS? i would think that the eyes would auto heal. Izuna probably already had MS so he was probably going blind as well. so for all Uchiha brothers/siblings (dunno if there have been any females with a sharingan)...why didn't they all do this? were they too dumb to figure it out after all this time or will it just not work? i see no reason y it wouldn't work. so for all those who haven't understood what im saying we will use this example… 2 brothers...both get sharingan. both kill thier best friend to get MS. then trade eyes with each other to get EMS. pretty simple..especially if the brothers helped each other with killing thier best friend. if all the Uchihas did this they would probably be WAY more powerful than what they were. and im betting there would of been way more Rinnegans. thoughts, comments, suggestions, arguments welcome.

Btw: naruto 584 is break this week, it will be released next week.

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