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GSOP Dominican Republic

A New Online Internet Poker Tournament Game GSOP Dominican Republic Created By Party Poker Is A Copy Of Punta Cana Poker Classic

Plagiarism is no excuse for inspiration. Copying blatantly is just as bad as not doing anything at all. GSOP Punta Cana Republic is a blatant copy of Punta Cana Cana Poker Classic. Party Poker should not have done this. They should have created a new and better poker tournament game. They are a big enough organization to be able to create on their own and not resort to or rely on copying. GSOP Dominican Republic has many aspects of Punta Cana Poker Classic including the hotels the names and the style of play. However what it lacks is the ability of the former game to suck a player into the game deeply. What party poker have done is essentially taken a hit game and slightly modified it to suit their needs. Even some of the same visuals have been copied. GSOP Dominican Republic has all the aspects of Punta Cana Poker Classic but none of the heart. This is a bad thing. But as a game, it is quite good. It is easy to play and comfortable to handle. However that does not mar the fact that this is not an original idea. A copy is always inferior to the original. One can rather play the other GSOP Dominican Classic. Party Poker should really be ashamed of the way it has acted. The game, by itself is good. Play it just for fun.

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