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Key Signs You Need to Increase Testosterone
It’s actually becoming more and more commonplace in the medical community for doctors to refer to men who are suffering from a decline of hormones and who may need to *increase testosterone*, to say that they might be suffering from “Male Menopause.” Not that men will or ever could menstruate, but just that much like female menopause is reflective of the decline of estrogen – the key female hormone – male menopause is indicative of the decline of the male hormone, testosterone. Thankfully, this situation can easily be remedied; one just needs to increase testosterone using a variety of methods ranging from prescription drugs to natural supplements. However, knowing the key signs of hormonal decline is the first step to finding out if you need to increase testosterone. Use these quick tips to help you better identify if you should make an appointment to see your doctor to have your testosterone levels checked.

Exhaustion: Are you overly tired, and more so than you normally would be, and you are not sick? Signs of exhaustion are commonly associated with the need to increase testosterone. Think about how tired you feel. Is it normal? Or is it excessive and frequent, and you don’t know why.

Anxiety: Have your stress levels shot up the charts lately, but there is not really anything all that stressful taking place in your life? Abnormal stress and added anxiety are both signs that you may be suffering from hormonal decline.

Quick Temper: Have you never really had a bad temper before, but suddenly you find yourself snapping at people for silly reasons? When you need to increase testosterone, most men find themselves very easily irritated, and often they have no explanation as to why.

Lack of Desire for Sex: Is your lover constantly asking you to make love to her, and you are often saying no? Have you started masturbating less frequently, thinking about sex less often and generally are just not in the mood for sex? These are classic signs that you need to increase testosterone.

Premature Ejaculation: When you do make love, has premature ejaculation suddenly crept into the picture? Do you never recall suffering from premature ejaculation before? Some men who need to will *i*ncrease testosterone* *ejaculation even if it never has plagued them before.

Erectile Dysfunction: Do you find it increasingly difficult to get an erection or to maintain one throughout the duration of sexual activity? Since testosterone is the hormone that helps you become sexually aroused, grow hair and produce semen, it’s not uncommon for a man to experience erectile dysfunction when they need to *increase testosterone*. In fact, often this is the top sexual condition associated with the decline of testosterone in adult males.

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