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Magento Accordion FAQ
Magento Accordion FAQ module adds an easy to use FAQ Section to your magento store with jquery powered animation. In this module you have both backend FAQ section to manage your FAQ section you can easily add and update your FAQ section through your magento store backend. On frontend you have an animated FAQ section for your store.

Accordion Menu is a kind of first accordion menu. You can assign the menu in all pages or in a single CMS page and FAQs or frequently asked questions is an effective ways to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries. FAQs allow your customers to self-serve themselves by getting answers to their questions on your website without having to contact you.
This extension is using for managing FAQ. The extension supports Enabled and Disabled option in admin. Displayed FAQ using in accordion view and support multiple store views. FAQ entries can enabled and disabled option in admin.

Features of Magento Accordion FAQ :

★ All Parameters are admin driven.
★ You can adjust width and can add any numbers of FAQ's.
★ All browser working
★ This module is useful for all pages and also on single CMS page.
★ Sleek accordion Effect.
★ Easy CSS implementation
★ Add any number of FAQ’s.
★ Working in all modern browser (IE7+, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
★ Admin Driven means you can create the post and delete the post everything is admin driven.
★ Working in all devices (No Flash).
★ Working in All Screen Resolution

This Modules Display's your Magento FAQ section in an awesome accordion style .Just add the section using modules and that’s it. It’s really very simple to use. Accordion Module is extension working on Magento shop, it uses for showing a list of content or products of category or categories with their products in horizontal accordions. This moldules is available in either module or plug in form. It allows you to easily add a Frequently Asked Questions section to any article. The FAQ is made up of content that exists in the article and can contain anything like images, lists, tables, etc. that can be placed in an article. Open multiple allows more than one FAQ item to be opened at a time. Scroll on open scrolls an opened FAQ item to the top of the page.

Magento Accordion FAQ with JavaScript’s

This plug in provides a whole new level of navigation by introducing a FAQ accordion menu that is utilizes the dynamic capabilities of JavaScript. This plug in will list all your categories in an ordered and tidy manor that allow users to traverse your categories easily and quickly. This plug in will allows as many categories as you like and will work without any extra setup of configuration of categories, just install and go. The menu can go as deep as you like and when a category is clicked on within the menu the next page that is show will keep the menu open in the correct place.

Magento Accordion FAQ with jQuery

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. jQuery with Magento accordion allows us to show the content of the selected header. Its feature is that only the content of the selected header can be open at once. So it’s useful in showing the news content with header or frequently asked questions regarding some topic or Questions and Answers etc.

Magento Accordion FAQ : Display's your magento FAQ section in an awesome accordion style .

Want Demo click here http://magento.virginsoft.net/index.php/faq

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