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Jacob The Jeweler
An Article On The Importance Of Hard Work Which Led To The Success Of Jacob The Jeweler

Celebrities set trends for the common people to follow. They act as a role model. People follow their way of dressing, talking, accessories, etc, jacob the jeweler has revolutionized the way in which celebrities chose their accessories. Not too long ago, Jacob was just a man with a lot of dreams. His father, who himself was into liquor business wanted his son to continue the legacy. When Jacob Arabo’s father decided to migrate to the USA to continue his business their family was not aware of the hardships that they had to face to survive in the new culture. After migrating to the USA from Uzbekistan, Jacob Arabo and his family found it difficult to adapt to the new conditions and were challenged financially, jacob the jeweler, who was simply called as Jacob Arabo at that time wanted to be an expert in the field of jewelry business right from his tender age. At the age of sixteen, he went to study about diamonds. He joined a diamond manufacturing company. His designs lead to a lot of profit for the company. As a result, he was paid very high. He had ten people working under him at the age of eighteen. He decided to start a diamond company and went around the world, looking for the best diamonds. He travelled to different places in Africa, Mexico and as far as Russia in his quest for diamonds. He was so determined that he even travelled to places which were considered to be very dangerous to explore. But according to him success cannot be tasted if one is not looking for adventure. Also, success cannot be achieved if one fails to chase his dreams and stop working hard towards the goal. Today, jacob the jeweler is one of the most famous celebrity jewel designers in the world.

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