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Jacob The Jewler
About Jacob Arabo And Famously Named As Jacob The Jewler For His Contribution To The Celebrities

The celebrity’s apparels and other things they used to wore in the award functions and during some programs make them more notable by the viewers and fans. This is because of the designer they choose as their assistant about their dressing methods and for related things. Like this there is a world famous designer known as Jacob Arabo. He is the one who helps the famous stars like hip hop stars and for those who performs in the stage before large viewers. He is famously known as jacob the jewler. His creations and the fashions have a mass energy which attracts the youths greatly and making them as a follower of his style factors. He is famous and popular for his two styles. The first thing is his thick shiny black hair. The men die for this style those who don’t have a proper or stylish hair pattern. The other thing for which jacob the jewler is famous for is his shiny glittering watch he used to wear. This popular man was a Russian and he had two sisters born with him. They came to New York around twenty five years ago. His father was in the liquor business. His lifestyle made his parents to worry as it was a new one for them and it took a quite long time to adapt with them. The only aim of Jacob was to make money and put his family in a good position. This made him to work hard and earned more money in a short period of time. His work was perfect and trendy in the same time so that it attracts the people very easily. Due to his stylish works he became popular and many offers to work with famous stars came to him, Jacob Arabo The Jeweler was a true hard worker from a humble family which supported him till the end and founded the interest in him which made him to work with passion.

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