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Kamal Nath Indian National Congress

Kamal Nath Indian National Congress On Corruption In BJP Led MP Government

Recently Kamal Nath, the Union Minister for Urban Development was in the state of Madhya Pradesh and he gave strong message to the corrupt BJP government of the state of Madhya Pradesh. He was commenting on the corrupt administration of the state and issued a warning to the Government Babus and the state leaders of the BJP to mend their ways. As otherwise there will be strong action against some of them he warned. He was in the state for the Convocation Ceremony in the Management Institution headed by him. Kamal Nath Indian National Congress in the state and has been contesting from the same constituency since 1980. He has a good rapport with Dig Vijay Singh, the other strong leader from the Madhya Pradesh Congress Party. He is a strong supporter of Rajiv Gandhi and when asked whether the leader will be heading the Indian National Congress Party soon, he replied that even though the members of Congress Party have been asking for his leadership since a long time, it is up to Rajiv Gandhi to take a decision. He also commented that Congress Party will get a good lead in the Uttar Pradesh elections and will emerge as a strong contender for the forming of a Government. Minister Kamal Nath Party leader has always been well rewarded by the party in the past and has held many posts in the Union Cabinet. Kamal Nath is considered to be most successful as the Commerce Minister in the previous Government as he has participated well in the WTO negotiations during his tenure. At present, after holding the post of Surface Transport and Highways Minister till the last reshuffle of the Cabinet, he became the Union Minister for Urban Development and is holding that post now. In earlier Governments, he has been Minister of State for the Environment and Forest (Independent Charge) once and also Minister of State for Textiles (Independent Charge) once.

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