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Labor Law Information
A Look At Some Of The Basic Rights Of Employees As Specified In The Labor Law Information

Every employer must know his rights and duties. The Labor Law Information establishes this. In fact, a good employer is expected to conduct an induction or orientation program for every employee before he joins for work, briefing him about his rights and duties. Most employees, especially those working in smaller firms and organizations are totally unaware of legalities including what the employer owes them. So one has to be alert and aware of the Labor Law Information at least briefly; only then can he protect himself from getting victimized. Let us take a look at some basic rights the labor law offers you. Firstly, every employer has the right to ask to be paid for the work he has done. In case the company has some problem and has delayed its payment to its employees, the employee can still keep requesting his salary.

In spite of such requests, if the company still dodges and refuses to budge, the employee can go to court seeking help. So if you are an employee and deserve to be paid, do not give up on it. Do not settle for anything less than what is owed to you either. Secondly, if a worker has worked overtime on any day, it is essential that he keeps record and proof of such work, so that he can claim his pay for it confidently, even if the company tries to play around and refuse such claims. In such cases, again the worker has the right to go to court and seek justice. Apart from these two clauses, the Unpaid Wages also tells the employee that he has the right to classified accurately by his boss. This means that his name must be there in the company’s database and records, known by his name and designation. Also, the employer has the right to know the current status and updates of his work in such a database.

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