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LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights Are Available In Wide Varieties And In So Many Price Ranges

There are a lot of led Christmas lights which are beautiful and of very low price. One of such lights is the clear mini lights which has fifteen bulbs and has a length of five feet. The bulb spacing of this type of led Christmas lights is four inches; these are featured with white wire and are operated with battery operated lights. This model of clear mini lights can be used indoor only, the model comes with two replacement bulbs which can be used when any of the bulbs are damaged. The price of this model of led lights is only $3.47. A similar model comes with a green wire which also has fifteen bulbs and five feet length but the price of this model of battery operated christmas lights with green wire is $2.72. There are other models of lights which has more bulbs one of such models is the one with twenty bulbs, these lights are warm white wide angle ones. The overall length of the light is eleven feet and the bulb spacing is six inches. The light is made of green wire and is battery operated. This indoor light costs $8.44 and is perfect for decoration in places like trees, garlands etc. The lens width measures to 5 mm, it offers high quality brightness and is available in brilliant colors. The set does not offer a replacement battery; it uses only less energy and hence provides a long battery life. There are no end plugs and the lead length is 24 in. The M5 mini lights are also a twenty bulb model, the total length of the model is eight feet and the bulb spacing is four inches. This model has a green wire and is battery operated; this particular model can be used indoor only and it does not include any end plugs.

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