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Mark Nordlicht
What Is The Platinum Partners Group Of Hedge Funds And How Has Mark Nordlicht Contributed To Its Tremendous Success?

The Platinum Partners Group of Hedge Funds, founded in 2003, is a company that is based in New York. It is a body of alternative investment managers. Qualified investors are provided with advisory services by this body. The Dalia and Mark Nordlicht Foundation of The Platinum Partners Group of Hedge Funds. This company, which is a multi-strategy hedge fund, aims at delivering returns adjusted with the risks taken in business dealings. Business deals are based on taking chances which may work out or may possible fail. But there is guarantee about either of the two. But in case the step taken turns out to make the owner suffer a loss, Platinum Partners take the responsibility of delivering the risk adjusted returns. Now this is something crucial regarding business and investments. Once the money is lost, it can never be redeemed and this is the common notion about taking risks in business. Mark Nordlicht is the man responsible for keeping an eye on all trading matters of the company, allocation of assets and is also takes care of the risk management of the company. Mark Nordlicht is one talented man who has a keen eye for business dealing since his young age. CIO Mark Nordlicht started his career as a young trader in the New York Cotton Exchange. He was only 22 when he worked for the New York Cotton Exchange. Platinum Partners deals in trade settlement, investment and finance and fund administration. The official website of the company contains details about whom to contact with and regarding what issue. The terms and conditions of the company are also stated clearly in the website and investors are requested to use enclosed information for the purpose of further discussion.

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