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LED lighting system to add the Old Bridge
Recently, GE Lighting, several sets of new LED Street Light in New Zealand for the local has a long history of Wang Jia Nuyi bridge upgrade traditional lighting systems. Wang Jia Nuyi River is the third largest river in New Zealand has a special significance in Maori culture, and Wang Jia Nuyi Bridge is the only one of several road and bridge rivers.
In order to improve the lighting conditions in Wang Jia Nuyi bridge main road, the City Council began to try to replace the traditional lighting technology, with different LED light source aimed at the application of energy-saving program. The new road lighting solution must maintain the same brightness as with conventional light sources have to meet the requirements of energy efficiency savings. Local lighting design company in New Zealand EvolveNZ GE Lighting of the 80WR150LED products.
Today, Wang Jia Nuyi Bridge on 14 sets of new GE LED lamps at night is a new look, this reform, Wang Jia Nuyi City Council to save up to NZ $ 9,000 (RMB46, 620), electricity and maintenance costs.
Compared with traditional sodium lamp Wang Jia Nuyi bridge before, GE LED product advantages:
Energy saving: from 165W to 80W
Each LED lamp is only 80 watts of power (less than a home, the power of 100 watt light bulb). Than the original use of sodium lamps saving 52% energy consumption. New lighting direct rays of light area, while the glare reduced to below 5%. Therefore, the use of new lighting products will not cause the top of the leaked, thereby reducing waste.
(2) reduce maintenance time
led flood light life is more permanent than the sodium lamp can last 12-15 years. At the same time period, the sodium lamp fittings may need to be replaced 3-4 times.
(3) to improve the light output
LED to generate white light makes night driving more comfortable; real light color effect, so that the drive line of sight is clearer. In addition, improved color security cameras better play efficacy.
Mr. EvolveNZ company general manager JohnBirks said: "The lighting configuration to restore the natural light to bring a more secure feeling and a white Spot Light makes the space more modern and dynamic sense of the night, can more clearly see the real life environment We hope that this lighting technology to attract more people to travel, to experience the night scenery of their host cities. "
Wang Jia Nuyi City Council infrastructure and assets Chairman of the Committee RayStevens said: "The new alternative can bring many potential advantages and benefits to the public, no doubt, members of the public will notice the new LED Tube to generate white light, rather than issued by the installation of sodium orange light. Wang Jia Nuyi City Council will gradually adopt the LED light source instead of the traditional lighting products, until completely replace it. "
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