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Private Equity Salaries
Private Equity Salaries Is Generally On The Higher Scale Than The Norm In The Financial Industry

Private equity industry expects a good year ahead in the rest of 2012. This is because of the recent news that the US government is to offload some of its housing industry pickups to the private equity investment this year. There may be a debate about the ethics of expecting private equity to pick up a bad investment, but nobody disputes the fact that it is going to stir this industry into action. Not bad at all for an industry that is always optimistic about its chances of growth. The jobs are expected to have a boost this year even though it may be only marginal-understand that this industry did not lack opportunities all through the recession and in fact picked up many investments at a bargain. They were looking at opportunities when the rest of the financial industry was downsizing. The private equity industry never lacked capital but it was cautious about what kind of returns it can get in the short time while the long term returns was never a question at all-nobody expected a jumbo economy like US to go bust in the real sense of the word. Timing only was considered important and so there was never any pessimism in the private equity world. They were waiting for a bottoming out and are now ready to time their entry into good assets. Naturally private equity salaries will rise this year because it is expected that the market is bottoming out and investments will be increasing into private equity funds. More than 73% of the employees who were polled expected a positive fund performance and more than 90% expected an increase in private equity analyst salary for employees in this industry. It is normal for private equity compensation to increase year after year all these years and people are going to be happy that the trend is returning after a gap of some years.

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