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RC Lipos
An Account On Why RC Lipos Are The Perfect Battery Choice Over The Conventional Rechargeable Batteries

World of battery making has been taken over by Lithium polymer batteries that have revolutionized the world of rechargeable batteries ,taking electric RC world by storm. The rc lipos have made electric flight more viable an alternative over the fuel powered flight. Reasons for the www.maxamps.com being a desirable choice over the conventional recherageable battery types like NiMH or NiCad can be well supported. They are light weight and can be moulded into any shape and size.Their discharge rates can power the most demanding motors.They have large capacities; provide high energy storage to weight ratios.All of these benefits clearly set these batteries as standard means to leverage the performance of electric planes and helicopters. However, these rc lipos batteries have set-backs too. They are expensive compared to NiCad and NiMH.Their life is short; they produce over 1000 cycles provided all rules for maintenance are followed.Volatile electrolyte used in lipos exposes safety concerns; explosion or fire can be the danger on charts for which we need to be precautious. We need to take unique and proper care of these if we are looking for making the best of this valuable technology. They turn useless in as little as one misuse. Storage, charging and discharging all majorly affect their lifespan.There are certain guidelines to shopping a battery; voltage and capacity ratings are namely the 2 main numbers you will need to look into when going battery shopping.Discharge rating or the “C” rating is very important a factor to be considered during their purchase.It is preferable to use a battery with high discharge rating, however, that alone is not a factor to be taken into consideration. Over-discharching is the major killer of lipos. One should strictly adhere to "80% rule" for a battery’s performance; i.e, the Lipo pack should not be discharged down past 80% of it's capacity to be safe.

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