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Ways in which the children of Marlborough get funding

Some people want to assist the children of Marlborough to gain the basic needs, the good education system and ensure that they are not mistreated. Some of the parents do not have the funds to assist the children and this means that they have to stay at home and forego education. Some of the churches have teamed up and taken the responsibility of educating the children but the need huge assistance from the citizens. The children are also active and want to take part in the process and they come up with different projects to enable them get a good life.

One of the ways is to present short and dramatized bible story version during the Marlborough mass. This attracts many people and they end up contributing cash to the church or whatever means available to assist them like giving them food, clothing, and sponsorship. When the community comes together, the children get the necessary assistance and have the opportunity to read and interact with their children in the society without discrimination. In this coming Easter special, the children have organized the Marlborough mass and have the dramatized version of the death and resurrection of Jesus. With such projects, they attract many people in the community and they get good funding to attain their educational needs. Some of the community members have mentorship projects, and take the small children and guide them to become better individuals in the end. This is the good spirit of the community and the children end up getting the best breeding and have the chance to pay back to the society in future.

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