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Symptoms Of Sinusitis

It Good To Know The Basic Symptoms Of Sinusitis So As To Have A Knowledge About The Illness

!Allergist13.jpg|274*206!To know the symptoms of sinusitis, it is first better to know what exactly sinusitis is. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It may be caused due to either a sort of infection, allergy or due to autoimmunity. Most sinusitis cases are due to viral infections. It will be relieved in a due course of 10 days most often. It is recorded that US has more than 24 million people suffering from sinusitis annually. Headache is a common sign in all types of sinusitis. Headaches are usually in the form of a dull constant pain accompanied by pain or pressure in the sinusitis area. Sinusitis occurs generally over four areas. They are called Maxillary Sinusitis, Frontal Sinusitis, Ethmoid Sinusitis and Sphenoid Sinusitis. Maxillary denotes the cheek area, frontal the area in between the eyes, Ethmoid is the area behind the eyes and Sphenoid is the vertex and the region in top of the head. The pain usually is around the area of sinus, and worsens when bending over or when lying down. Usually the pain starts from one side of the head and moves on to full-fledged drumming inside the head. Sinusitis may be acute ir chronic. It depends on the duration of having the symptoms of sinusitis. Whether it is Acute or chronic, the allergy nyc include nasal discharge mostly green in colour. The discharge may contain pus and sometimes even blood. Sinus infections may cause eye pain too. This is because of the congestion is the nasal passage. Symptoms of sinusitis may involve dizziness too. If it is left without consulting a doctor and taking good medication, it may become severe. It sometimes leads to loss of sight, and is often accompanied by fever and severe illness. Having knowledge about the basic symptoms of sinusitis is fine, but it is better with a consultation with the doctor.
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