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The Armored Group
*Know Some General Information On How The Armored Group Meets The Specifications Of The Potential Customers*

The Armored Group LLC is well known in offering comprehensive and complete products of armored vans, armored trucks and also vehicles having cash in transit, mobile ATM ad mobile check cashing. The major purpose of offering these vehicles is to meet the high security needs and operational needs of the armored operators all over the world. The vehicles of The Armored Group are designed in such a way that it will meet all the specifications and particular needs of the customers only after discussing it with the potential customers. They see to that the components which are used by them in the cargos specifically meet its needs. The operational procedures of the customers will be reviewed and studied completely so that vehicle will be designed in a safer manner both for the cargo as well as the crew. There are possibilities for each and every cargo to face varying threats and hence the protection provided to those armored trucks will also vary. All these factors need to be considered prior starting up with the designing work. The Armored Group makes use of stainless steel armor so that the body will have effective lifetime and will not wear out during the course of time. This will also enable the body to get remounted several number of times. By using aluminum armor the customers will be able to have higher payloads which in turn will reduce the armored trucks overall weight. By using galvanneal armor the customer who is price sensitive will be availed with high quality body which will last for several numbers of years offering reliable service. This group is regularly looking in for various ways on how to develop and improve their designs and manufacturing process of armored vans, armored trucks, CIT vehicles, ATM vehicles and mobile check cashing. Along with it they put their full efforts to do their best to enhance their durability, safety and quality of the cargos and crews.The Armored Group Meets The Specifications Of The Potential Customers

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