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Instructions for Cutting Automotive LED Strip Lights
Automotive LED lamp are an inexpensive way to add a custom look to your vehicle. As LED light strips are powered by 12 volt DC, like that of your cigarette lighter, there is little work to making them ready for use on your car. LED light strips carry many functions from being displayed on the vehicle’s exterior, to the brake lights, to nearly anything you can imagine under the sun. You can learn to cut your LED light strip to fit the needs of customizing your vehicle.
Lay your LED tube out on a work station or table. Examine the light strip to know where the power wire is located inside the plastic sleeve.
Mark your LED’s into groups of three, as the major of LED manufacturers wire LED Tube groupings in sets of three. Be sure to double check with your manufacturer for consistency with the norm.
Measure your strip to fit the space you intend to use it. Allow for slightly extra or left over strip, as opposed to not having enough.
Count out each grouping, using your Sharpie to make a small mark to indicate each break.
Use your cutting pliers to cut the strip to the desired length at the appropriate guiding marks.
Discard the shorter lengths.

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