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Tungsten Wedding Band

Are Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Rings For Life?

When faced with the once-a-life-time selection of deciding on a tungsten wedding band ring, everybody ought to do their personal investigation in order to make sure they get the piece that can symbolize the eternality of marriage. For those who are seriously contemplating of acquiring the contemporary metals (titanium or tungsten) as wedding rings, here are some thoughts that are worth thinking about.

Will they be scratched?

Even though online shopping sites bands are quite strong and durable, the surface of the rings can really be scratched. It takes one more extremely tough object such as diamond to cut into the metal nonetheless, it does not get damaged in the course of standard daily use. For titanium rings with gold, silver or platinum inlay, the inlay portion of the ring is as vulnerable as a ring that is produced of the precious metal itself. In the case of minor a blemish, a titanium ring can be re-polished or refinished to restore the original appearance. On the other hand, tungsten rings are completely resistant to abrasions. Given that tungsten carbide, the most typical grade of tungsten alloy offered in the market place, is really difficult, it will Never get scratched.

Will they be bent out of shape?

Each titanium and tungsten have extremely high ductile strength. Nevertheless, below extremely circumstances, titanium rings could bend out of round but a tungsten ring could not. If a high pressure is applied on a titanium ring, which could take place when getting hit by a auto door, the ring would bend when the force is powerful adequate. On the other hand, a tungsten ring stands a better chance of remaining intact, since tungsten in common is harder than titanium. Nonetheless, when the force goes beyond the threshold, the tungsten ring will be fractured into several pieces rather of bend out of round. This characteristic, which we refer to as becoming brittle, is similar to that of diamonds whereas it is incredibly challenging but not ductile at all.

Will the color turn?

Neither of the metals will turn color. Titanium and tungsten alloy are biological inert and do not turn color with regular usage such as getting exposed to the sun, in speak to with sea water or cosmetic merchandise.

Can they be resized?

The possibility of obtaining resized may be critical given that we gain or lose weight in the future. Due to the extraordinary high melting points of titanium and tungsten alloys, they cannot be cut and welded like standard valuable metals. Hence, resizing is more challenging, if not feasible. Titanium wedding rings can be compressed or stretched up to a single size, if there are no stones or inlay on the rings, with the assist of unique equipment. Nonetheless, tungsten carbide wedding rings can not be resized at all. Therefore, 1 must measure the ring size cautiously, possibility averaging the finger sizes at different instances of the day, in order to steer clear of any sizing difficulty soon after the titanium or tungsten wedding band rings.

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