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Weekend Getaways From NYC
A Pithy Portrayal About The Weekend Getaways From NYC And Some Of The Places For Weekend Getaway Near New York City

The person who has planned to go for a weekend getaways from NYC has to do some research work in the Internet and he should plan it properly during his leisure time in the weekday so that he can have a perfect weekend with his family in a cool place that would relax his mind and body. There are lots of places nearby New York where one can spend his weekend with his family and have a great weekend. Some of the places that are near New York and these places are some miles away from Manhattan. The places that are great for a catskill mountains are: New Paltz in Ulster County, The North Fork of Long Island and Block Island from Rhode Island. The New Paltz that is located in Ulster County is famous for its Vineyards and recreational activities. The New Paltz house the oldest byway in the whole of United States of America and it is located in the Huguenot Street of New Paltz. The houses that are in Huguenot and other places of New Paltz are over 250 years and they can’t be seen in many places of the world. Another specialty of the place is that it has the largest private nature reserve in the whole of the New York City. The North Fork of Long Island is well known for its spacious and comfortable hotels and it also has the Vineyards and roadside picture stands that are the trademark for this place. The Block Island of Rhode Island is a beautiful coastal place that has good Blue Ocean to play with and it also has a great beach to take sun bathe and to play with the children. The Bike rides are the attractive facility of this place and one cannot deprive it from his wish list. Thus, the Honor's Haven Resort & Spa is really breathtaking and rejuvenating trip which would replenish the lost energy and soul into the person.

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